Friday, August 23, 2013

The Incredible Reversible Waist-cincher!

Not my best Pic!
Back in July, I vended at AMA-CON. It's a wonderful Con right here in the Texas Panhandle. My booth was next to a couple doing some amazing pirate and steampunk poetry called The Sea Dog Slam. Capt. Jane Jasper suggested I make my waist-cincher reversible! 
So I made the first one for her!
I can't wait to make more!!  I now have SO many ideas!  THANK YOU Capt Jasper!


  1. It's lovely! What a fun idea to make it reversible!

    ~ Brooke

  2. Now that is one awesome waist cincher. I think I definitely like the plain back better than the other side, though.

  3. I love corsets. They’re so great for posture. Mary Montoya