Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Doctor's Wife--Idris Dress Finally Finished

This is the original Dr. Who dress.  I loved the character and the look.  SO...I wanted to give it a shot.  I didn't expect it to be exactly like the original...just my own interpretation.  See what you think.

This dress isn't on my Etsy yet.  It's a 35" bust, 28" waist.  I've decided to go ahead and sell it.  You can convo me on Etsy about it or message me on my Facebook page.  The price tag is $350.00.

 I took bits of several different patterns and melded them together.  It took many hours to design and create.  All a labor of love.  I learned a lot about dyeing fabric.  I wanted to age it like the original.  I ended up painting some of it which turned out great!    It's been quite a ride.  I'm pleased with the end product.

I added some Gallifraian on the sleeve.  The fabric for the top turned out so very well!  Of course it was from some curtain I found.  Found fabrics are the best!  You see this dress at the upcoming Art Market in Canyon, TX on October 5.

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