Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

In world of shows and cons, one must dress the part.  I was all over that!  Making costumes? One of my favorite things in this world.  Did that...then looked at my feet.  ACK!  I looked all over...not knowing they actually sold Steampunk shoes!  AH! My ignorance!  But I finally found a pair that would work at Payless Shoes. They weren't perfect, so I added some spats and they worked fine.  Except they were too high and not comfortable for 10 hours on your feet.

I could buy some new ones, go back to wearing my converse or make what I had work.  Not being able to afford the super cool ones on the internet, I chose to attempt making mine work.  Insoles should fix some of the problem...but what do with the outside?  I read up on many websites, not enough, on how to paint shoes. Then, I threw caution to the wind....
Here is what I started with...cute enough.  I rubbed them down with alcohol and let that dry.  I read on one site to use Folk Art ceramic paints but they didn't have the colors I was looking for.  So I used Folk Art metallic paint.  They had lots of cool colors.  The tutorials said to put a base coat of similar regular color on but kinda of wanted a vintage look so I left the brown of the shoe for a base.  I did have to use 4 coats of the gold but the other colors only took two coats.

They're a little happy, bright but I like them.  They are funky...just what I need.  I'm not sure how they'll wear but I plan on updating this post after my next show.

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  1. Cute! Love them! You can also find shoe paint (usually the spray kind, meaning you have to tape off what you don't want to paint) at most shoe repair places. I've painted lots of shoes for theatre productions - especially musicals. They are always so fun!

    ~ Brooke